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Meet "Clove," a humble c-foot plateau key flute with quite the history. This flute is estimated to have been made by the Haynes-Schwelm flute company in the early 1920's-1930's. It boasts of solid sterling silver throughout, including the keywork. This premium material ensures unparalleled resonance and responsiveness, enabling you to produce the most enchanting melodies, yet the plateau, closed hole keywork makes this flute accessible to an aspiring beginner flutist. This flute comes with an older Selmer brand case, that is a little worse for wear, but does the trick in protecting your flute.


Despite it's nearly 100 years of playing, this flute is still very playable having been professionally overhauled in 2023. It is guaranteed to arrive clean, sanitary, and in top playing condition.

“Clove” Antique Haynes-Schwelm Solid Silver Flute

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