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Loaner Instrument Policies

Rental can begin and end at any time given instrument availability.

Sizing will be done at the time of a trial lesson as well as periodically to determine the size of instrument needed by the student. Minor adjustments may be done in private lesson time at no extra cost.


More major repairs will need to be taken to an instrument repair specialist, and if the repair is due to damage, will need to be covered by the student’s family. If the cost of repairs due to damage is more than the instrument is deemed worth by me, then only the amount of the instrument will be due. If the repairs is not due to damage, then no payment is required for repairs, and we will discuss options.

Please take good care of your loaner instrument. It will not only bring your young musician much joy and love for music, but will also eventually go to another student once your child has outgrown it, and will continue to make beautiful music as long as it is kept in good condition.

Please see the Instrument Care Guide for your new, beautiful addition to your family!

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