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Spring Break March 14-20!

No lessons or classes over spring break. Have a wonderful week!

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Free online flute performance

Tonight at 9:30-11(ish) pm EST my friend Zadie Lawler with Flute on Its Feet will have an online performance. She's an amazing flutist and dancer. Click the link to watch her perform! https://www.yout

Welcome to the Spring Semester!

I'm so excited that you will all be joining me in 2024. This semester we are welcoming 4 new flutists! Be sure to check your bookings and adjust any schedule conflicts up to 24 hours in advance. We ar

Check schedules

Fall Semester schedules are completed! Feel free to reschedule any lessons as you need. No lessons or classes next week except makeups. I'll be adding our performance events and holiday themed online

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