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Meet Sesame, a beautiful flute made by Trevor James. Sesame is a well-maintained, preowned flute with a curved head joint, straight head joint, and a C foot joint. All instruments from Hallie's Studio are guaranteed playable and arrive in a clean, sanitary condition.

From the Trevor James flute website: The original TJ 10x flute had been around since the early 1990's and was a popular model for flute teachers and their new students round the world.  Always looking to improve, we've taken the best design features from our renowned step-up and professional TJ flute models and incorporated them into this brilliant new and upgraded "first" flute.



  • Advanced headjoint features - Traditional lip plate and 'shaped lip' options designed to be free blowing to assist the new player in obtaining easy and yet rich sound production
  • Hand undercutting and over cutting of the embouchure hole
  • 925 silver lip and riser 
  • Japanese tubing
  • Padding - High quality Italian pads with accurate airtight seal which is vitally important to the performance of the instrument
  • Triple plated finish A double layer of silver-plating on top of a flash copper coating gives durability to the silver finish of each instrument.
  • Purple lined wooden case with black fleecy lined case cover
  • Fine care and attention to the finishing of all key work – carefully worked during manufacture and then double checked by our UK technicians to ensure instrument looks great to the eye!
  • Accuracy and tightness of all fitting of the key assembly - Gives a secure and positive feel to the student. 

“Sesame” Trevor James TJ 10xII Flute with Curved and Straight Head Joints

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