This cute little 1/16 size violin is only the best for your baby beginner. Perfect for a young student ages 2.5-4 years old, this sweet little instrument boasts new Zyex strings, a very good bow, and the essential maintenance items such as rosin and a cleaning rag. Shoulder rest or shoulder pad available upon request. Additional charge may apply.

"Sage" 1/16 violin by Carlo Robelli

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  • Instruments loaned from Hallie’s Studio will be chargeable at a rate of $10/month for each instrument on loan to my students.


    Rental can begin and end at any time.


    Easy repairs such as string changes, bow replacement, or bridge work, or in the case of flutes; head cork and key adjustment will be done in lesson time with no extra cost.


    More major repairs will need to be taken to an instrument repair specialist, and if the repair is due to damage, will need to be covered by the student’s family. If the cost of repairs due to damage is more than the instrument is deemed worth by me, then only the amount of the instrument will be due. If the repairs is not due to damage, then no payment is required for repairs, and we will discuss options.


    • Make sure the bow is always loosened when stored.
    • Make sure to wipe off any excess rosin from the strings and violin when storing.
    • Make sure to never leave a violin in a hot car! The violin is held together with hide glue which can melt.
    • Avoid bumps, drops, and banging the violin inside or outside the case.
    • Never set a violin down on top of the bridge.
    • Never touch the bow hair.
    • Never lean on the bow.
    • Never touch the violin or bow with wet hands or hair.


    Thank you, and enjoy caring for your violin!